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VillaSport School Expo 2017

January 28, 2017

We are very grateful with VillaSport Athletic Club in The Woodlands for inviting us to participate in their annual School Expo; it was a huge success.

We appreciate all of our visitors and look forward to helping students in our community achieve their dreams through private lessons at their own level, pace and convenience.

We had the opportunity to meet passionate educators that can help children excel in life through complementary services.  For example:

Virginia Garrigos, Artist and owner of Young Artist Art Studio. Undoubtedly the most colorful and vibrant display at the Expo. Your child can learn and have fun with their creations. They provide quality fine arts instruction  that stimulates the imagination and empowers children with life skills for success.

We highly recommend your child start at an early age with her piano lessons.  Susie Hamby at Piano Moodz is a patient and experienced educator that can ignite the passion for music in early childhood -3 to 6 years of age. Please listen to her beautiful compositions at Piano Moodz and call her to schedule your private lessons.

Our next neighbor -at the Expo, was Carrie Handfelt, from LearningRx The Woodlands. They offer state of the...


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