Tutoring testimonials

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Parents, students and clients are telling us:

Thanks God we found Mr. Cardenas. As a Math tutor he has shown vast knowledge of the subject, besides patience and dedication to teach our 13 year old son.
He's always been punctual, correct and very well mannered. We hired him for one hour sessions but he stays overtime when needed until our son is completely comfortable with the new material.
Alejandro Cardenas is the pure definition of a good teacher/tutor.  
Ricky Espinoza

Alejandro provided translation services for my company. We were extremely happy with the quality and speed of his work. Strongly recommend him.  Kathy Savant Lacock, Minuteman Press

Alejandro made learning Spanish fun and gave me the self confidence to use the language.  Gloria Powell Mechaley

Alexandro is a great instructor. The only reason I have not continued beyond around a couple of months instruction is the Woodlands distance from my Kingwood home and the number of parts I have had to get replaced recently in my aging body! Ted Simon, Real Estate Broker

Highly recommend!  Janell Callihan

Alejandro was by far the best Spanish teacher I ever had! He is very professional and patient. He truly cares about his students.  Logan Gilmore

Mr. Alejandro Cardenas is an an amazing tutor but most of all he is a very generous man. Every week, he donates countless hours of his time teaching Algebra and Geometry to Oak Ridge High School students. Now, the children enjoy learning Math. I am very grateful to him!

Adriana Guarinos
Parent Liaison Oak Ridge High School 9th Grade Campus

El Sr. Alejandro Cardenas es indudablemente un excelente tutor pero, por sobre todas las cosas, es un hombre muy generoso. Todas las semanas, él dona incontables horas de su tiempo, para enseñárles matemáticas y geómetría a los alumnos de la Escuela Secundaria Oak Ridge. Ahora, a los alumnos les gusta estudiar matemáticas. Yo estoy sumamente agradecida por su dedicación y ayuda.

Adriana Guarinos
Parent Liaison Oak Ridge High School 9th Grade

“Alejandro is excellent. Works with his students to help them achieve success. Very interested in each one of them, excellent teacher. ”

Gerry Adams, The Woodlands, Tx


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